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6th Grade ~ 6to grado

Welcome to Sixth Grade at Alianza!

As in most schools, our grade is one of transition from elementary school to middle school.  Students in at our grade level go from having one teacher all day (as they did in grades 3rd - 5th), to having four class periods and switching rooms between two teachers.  They also have a science teacher who does  lessons with them twice a week.  All lessons are based on the California Common Core Standards and we collaborate often to ensure that connections are made between topics taught across languages.  In addition, both of us have taken part in special Google training with our district and share a class set of Google Chromebooks that we use with our students.  

As a grade level we also take several field trips, the most extensive being that of a week long trip to Yosemite National Park as part of our science and writing units. Updates and forms for our trip can be found here.  Lastly, both of us also work on Thursdays as the MESA (Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement) advisors for the After School Program.  

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Maestro Ascencio and Maestro Frontini-Leon

This year, both 6th and 7th grades attended the Nature Bridge Program in Yosemite since the 6th grade trip was cancelled last year.

Este año estudiantes ambos grados sexto y séptimo asistieron al programa de Nature Bridge en Yosemite debido a que el año pasado el viaje para los estudiantes de sexto grado no se pudo realizar.